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Narrating Scotland

"A tour de force of first-rate scholarship, closely focused on Kidnapped and Catriona, yet bringing in a dazzlingly wide range of relatively obscure historical texts and sources with which Stevenson was familiar and of which he made unique, coded, intricate use in the composition of these books" (Alan Riach, Modern Language Review).

Robert Louis Stevenson and 'The Beach of Falesá': A Study in Victorian Publishing

"Blending a first-rate analysis of author-publisher relationships with textual retrieval of an excellent short novel works uncommonly well. It gives [the] detection of an offense against artfulness the pleasing complexity of a modern narrative construct" (Jerome Meckier, Nineteenth Century Fiction).

Kidnapped; or the Lad with the Silver Button

"Menikoff's well-written and cogently argued introduction to this new edition ... carefully researched and meticulously prepared ... offers readers the ultimate standard text that a novel with the reputation of Kidnapped deserves" (T. Loe, Choice).